Headbangers Rejoice: Judas Priest to Host Global Album Listening Party

In an unprecedented global celebration of heavy metal, Judas Priest is set to launch their latest album, “Invincible Shield,” with a series of listening parties at metal bars in 30 cities worldwide. The festivities will begin on Thursday, March 7th, offering fans a chance to experience the new metal masterpiece together.

The “Invincible Shield” listening parties will take place in several key cities around the globe, including New England’s very own Bangor, Maine, at Geno’s Rock Club, and Providence, Rhode Island, at The Scurvy Dog. These events are not just about blasting the latest tunes from Judas Priest but also about celebrating the metal community’s camaraderie. Participating bars, including those in New England, are expected to offer giveaways and custom Judas Priest-themed cocktails, adding an extra layer of excitement to the night.

Judas Priest’s decision to host these global listening parties underscores the band’s legendary status in the metal genre and their commitment to their fans. The album “Invincible Shield” is eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike, promising to deliver the powerful riffs and epic storytelling the band is known for.

As the metal community gears up for these events, fans are encouraged to check with their local metal bars for exact times and details. The global listening party represents a unique opportunity for fans to come together, celebrate the music they love, and create memories that will last a lifetime.