Alter Bridge at The Royale Boston – MA

Photos and review by: Jeff Palmucci
Myles Kennedy is probably one of the hardest working frontmen in rock today. As lead singer for Slash and also lead for Alter Bridge, he has been touring continuously since 2010. Alter Bridge, formed when Kennedy joined the 3 members of Creed after former lead singer Scott Stapp left in 2004 played the Royale last Tuesday to a wild crowd.
Last time I saw Myles play was with Slash at Rocklahoma 2012 and his voice just blew me away. He handled the Guns ‘N Roses songs of the set just as well as Axl. With Alter Bridge, his vocal range allows him to come across intense, but not shouty as so many other bands do these days.
The other members of Alter Bridge consist of Mark Tremonti on lead guitar, Brian Marshall on bass, and Scott Philips on Drums. Alter Bridge’s sound is an intense melodic hard rock characterized by quick guitar and intensive riffs, thanks to Tremonti’s virtuoso performances. The first two tracks off their newest album (Cry of Achilles and Addicted to Pain) are two of my favorite examples of this to date.1
As I write this, I’m sitting in the media tent at Rockville, where Alter Bridge appeared yesterday. Shots of this will be forthcoming, but I should say that the crowd here went absolutely crazy for them when they came onstage. They consistently put on a great show, and I’d recommend you see them when they come to town.
1 They are also two favorites of my 12 year old daughter, probably because she is forced to listen to my music as I drive her from sports game to sports game. My wife has mixed feelings about this. She is not a big metal fan.

Set list:


Addicted to Pain

White Knuckles

Come to Life

Cry of Achilles

Brand New Start

Ghosts (of times gone by)

Ties That Bind

Water’s Rising


Broken Wings

Farther Than the Sun


One Day Remains


Open Your Eyes

Rise Today

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