BLUE OYSTER CULT at The Blue Ocean Music Hall – MA


Review and Photos by: Greg Walkowiak

 Meet The Band:
Eric Bloom
Buck Dharma
Richie Castellano
Jules Radino
Kasim Sulton

One of the most epic rock bands appeared on Salisbury Beach at the Blue Ocean Music Hall and crashed the place like the enormous white cap waves right outside the windows facing the Atlantic. Not just any band but a band where the name is more than fitting for the surroundings of the night. The ocean was churning hard and Blue Oyster Cult helped stir that up even more with many of their greatest hits. They took the stage and were met to an arousing crowd and the feeling was nostalgic to say the least. The lights fit the mood and the music of course tied right into it.
Stepping out and starting off with “Summer Of Love” which has always been a fan favorite, one could feel they were going to play all their hits, which they did. Not missing a beat they performed the ones we all know and love.
Burnin’ for You and Godzilla are a just couple of their well-known hits and the played them to perfection. Their performance reminded us that Blue Oyster Cult is more than just a categorized 70’s metal band. Their ability to turn poetry into musical lyrics is brilliant and always has been.
The sound and style of Blue Oyster Cult is unique in itself, consider a metal band whose influences were The Birds and The Zombies. Golden Age of Leather, Dancing in the Ruins and The Last Days of May showed that Buck Dharma still delivers with the same fluid style he has always had.
They ended the night with their signature hit Don’t Fear the Reaper which is a classic by many standards. You could close your eyes and it sounded as if you were listening to them on the radio, that’s how tight their performance is.
It is a safe assumption that Blue Oyster Cult’s music continues to be influential considering the various age groups that were in attendance. Needless to say Blue Oyster Cult did not disappoint and delivered an impressionable performance. Come see for yourself why they are dubbed “The Thinking Man’s Metal Band”


Summer Of Love
Golden Age Of Leather
Burnin 4 U
Dancing In The Ruins
Harvest Moon
The Vigil
Last Days Of May

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