ANOTHER LOST YEAR at The Rock Junction RI

ANOTHER LOST YEAR at The Rock Junction RI

Review by: Greg Walkowiak
Photograpger: Greg Walkowiak
More show photos: HERE 


Dave Whitaker – (guitar)

Clinton Cunanan – (lead vocals, guitar)

Adam Hall – (guitar, backup vocals)

Lee Norris – (drums)

Jason Lovelace – (bass)

Once in a while you see a band that surprises you. Another Lost Year is that band. Coming from Charlotte NC, they overcome obstacles and attack them with brutal energy and relentless attitude, just as they do on stage. The five member band includes Dave Whitaker, Clinton Cunanan, Adam Hall, Lee Norris and Jason Lovelace. Their strength comes from their perseverance and it bleeds out in their music. The high energy that emits from them on stage carries the band into another realm.
In a very brief time, with non-stop touring and road bumps everywhere, they are climbing fast and furious in the ranks of the music world. Their CD, “Better Days” is a rumbling ball of thunder and their live performance is the same. They are, as many have said “a great bunch of guys” which is true and they honestly enjoy doing what they love, which is to play music.
The band has been critiqued for presenting the same style throughout and that should be left to the fans to decide what they want and don’t want to hear. Touching upon “Better Days” I guess it’s all on how one looks at it. They are diligent and committed to their sound and style. One has to know as a fact they just started out two short years ago or so. Many musicians and bands sometimes take years to establish themselves within the mainstream popularity of the music scene. These guys have come farther than most in such a short period of time. The band is still finding their way and developing their talents.
Watching them take the stage and opening with the title track “Better Days” one immediately knows their lyrics are heart felt and intimate. They write what they are feeling and present it with effectiveness. “Writing on the Wall” and “War on the Inside” were deep-seated songs that saturated the air with an abundance of hard hitting chords and intense rhythm. During the encore, “What I Deserve” fulfilled the need for downright slamming Rock n’ Roll and I discovered at that time they are a “give it all you got” kind of band.
Their end result is a plethora of hard work, persistence and determination from each member. They struggle to get their brand out there and get hardly any credit for what they do. I give them credit with a whole lot more. Another Lost Year is more than steadfast and they are a band to look for in the future, they have the potential to do incredible things.


Better Days

All That We Are


The Last Goodbye

Writing on the Wall (single)


War on the Inside (single)

Forget About Us


What I deserve

Come & Gone

Hero (Joan Red Tribute)

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