Soundgarden at The Palladium – Worcester MA


Soundgarden at The Palladium – Worcester MA 

Review by: Greg Walkowiak
Photograpger: Greg Walkowiak
More show photos: HERE 
Chris Cornell – Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitar
Kim Thayil – Lead Guitar
Matt Cameron – Drummer
Ben Shepherd – Bass, Back up Vocals
An expectation of a band comes from seeing what they have done in the past. Not seeing them live before I had no probabilities of what was to come. What Soundgarden has done through their career has been monumental in most regards and I acknowledge that as a fact. There was a buzz going around the Palladium in Worcester MA., on Wednesday night, some hopeful, some good and some not so good. The excitement factor was high and the band played without an opener for around three hours, which was monstrous. Cornell and the crew sprayed the crowd with blistering attitude by playing some off their most recent CD “King Animal”, as well as many of the bands other fan favorites.
Chris Cornell walked out sporting his cable knit sweater with a relaxed aura that surrounded him and the stage. He immediately took to the microphone, started out with the song “Searching” and continued with a twenty four song set that completely satisfied the hunger for metal. His brazen vocals and fierce guitar work culminated for what was to be an engaging experience throughout their set. His gruff vocals encompassed that of the lighting and ominous dark sky back drop which accentuated the performance. Cornell’s guitar work is gritty and dirty, which could be considered the bands genus and it was apparent through the course of the show he was delivering it with prominence.
The lead guitarist, Kim Thayil was in his zone and he delivered the package with a punch. His style of guitar playing is emotional and he hits the chords with distinction and certainty. He doesn’t have to do much when it comes to playing and he urges upon his talents to create a range that hauntingly signifies the music that is Soundgarden.
Matt Cameron (drummer) also contributes highly to the foursome from Seattle Washington. Playing drums is a hard act to follow; his precise technique solidifies his part in this band. He consistently hit the mark with every beat and became one with his kit. On “Crooked Steps” he was “Sick”, on “Thousand Days” he was “Insane” and on “Rusty Cage” he was “Chaotic”. His ability helps define the characteristics of the band and cements his part with them.
Lastly, we have Ben Shepherd (bass). I can honestly say I have never seen an individual play a bass guitar like he does. His style is significantly different from other bassists. His unique design blends perfectly with his band mates and he delivers with a force that is all is own. He hammers the strings instinctually and drives the bass right through the audience. During “Spoonman” he played in a most unusual position and one would have to say how in the world can he play like that? Well, he does it and his “contortionistic” way of playing only highlights his already stirring sound.
To sum it up, Soundgarden ripped up the Palladium and this individual took immense pleasure in seeing them performing live. They present their attributes with authority and blend together with sole distinction to create musical gratification. Their style is uncompromised and is concise in the music world. Soundgarden has replenished my thirst for them and has made me aware they’re existence is here to stay for the long run.






Crooked Steps



Thousand Days

Pretty Noose

Burden in My Hand

Big Dumb Sex

Ty Cobb

Hunted Down


Fresh Tendrils


Day I Tried To Live

Been Away Too Long

Blow Up the Outside World

Fell On Black Days

Drawing Flies

Rusty Cage




Beyond The Wheel

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