Black Veil Brides at The Palladium – MA

Photos and review by Thomas Bogus
Show Photos HERE 
Black Veil Brides arrived at the Palladium in Worcester, Ma on November 22nd in Support of their fourth studio album entitled “IV”. This current tour is called “The Black Mass Tour” and the supporting acts are Falling in Reverse, Set it Off and Drama Club. As I arrived at the venue, I noticed the line to get in was wrapped completely around the block at least once and the show was sold out. Showing that the Black Veil Brides certainly know how to draw a crowd!
    Inside, after the supporting bands warmed up the crowd, it was time for Black Veil Brides to take to the stage. The stage setup was something you would have seen at a 80’s rock/metal show back in the day. There was multiple Marshall stack cabinets going from one end of the stage to the other, with stairs on each side. Right in the middle, on top of the cabinets rested Christian Coma’s (C.C’s) Drum kit. Behind the drum kit was a huge stage banner with a picture of the current albums art work.
   At 9:30 pm the house lights go out and some dark eerie sounds starts to play setting the mood of what was to come. First C.C. makes it to his drums and the rest of the band takes the stage. They kicked right into “Heart of Fire”, which is a single off their current studio release. After they finished that song, they kicked right in to “I am Bulletproof” which is off their third studio release “Wretched and Devine”. Further into the set they started playing “Mother” from Danzig. They played a good portion of it until they kicked into “Last Rites”.
    About three quarters into the set, C.C plays a drum solo. C.C. starts his drum solo and about 2 minutes in, he stops playing and stands on his drum kit, some music kicks in and as he was making it to his seat, he falls back off his seat by accident. In true professional form he gets up, sits down and starts playing again not even missing a beat! He finished the solo and the band came out and they played “Legacy”. I spoke with C.C. the next night, at the show in New York City. He said that he didn’t get hurt and even joked about it.
    Black Veil Brides are one of the few bands today that really know how to interact with their fans while on stage. And I saw it during this show. Before I knew it, the band played 14 songs and they were saying goodnight. They left the stage and the audience chanted BLACK VEIL BRIDES BLACK VEIL BRIDES for a minute or so. they came back and played “In the End”, which was their first single off their third release and their most popular song to date. Not to mention it’s just a great song to end with.
     This was really a great show. The sound was great. The lighting was very good. The band was incredible. The selection of songs and song arrangement was great. They played several songs from each release. I recommend that everybody should see Black Veil Brides at least once.

Set List:

1- Intro
2- Heart of Fire
3- I Am Bulletproof
4- Coffin
5- Faithless
6- Wretched and Devine
7- Knives and Pens
8- Overture
9- Shadows Die
10- Mother
11- Last Rites
12- Rebel Love Song
13- Drum Solo
14- Legacy
15- Sweet Blasphemy
16- Perfect Weapon
17- Fallen Angels
18- In the End

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