Skinny Puppy a Canadian Industrial at The House Of Blues – Boston

Review and Photos by: Ashley Goyette
Show photos: HERE
Skinny Puppy a Canadian Industrial music group brought their “Eye vs Spy” tour to The House of Blues in Boston on November 30th. There show was as much of a theatrical performance as it was a concert. They entertained the crowd with there mix of rock and electronic music and their use of costumes, masks, and props, in addition to their mix of bright lights, shadows and projected images made quite the visual experience.
Lead singer Nivek Orge’s use of the costumes, masks and props seemed to tell a story of there own. He first came out on the the stage wearing a black costume with a pointed hood, long thick black rubber gloves and a white covering his face. In his left hand he carried an open umbrella with alternating black and yellow sections that resembled a radiation warning. His next costume consisted of what appeared to be a goblin like mask and an furred animal hide covering over his upper body. Eventually he would add a furred animal hide hood over his head. His next change led to him removing the furred hides and adding the long thick rubber gloves again.
All throughout their show a tech in a hazmat suit and mask could be seen examining a variety of items and equipment both on the stage and off, as well as giving Onge fake injections. The whole stage show seemed to depict Onge’s transformation into what I would describe as a skinny puppy.

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