Gemini Syndrome at the Starland Ballroom – NJ

Photos ar Review by Kaitlyn Drexel
Show Photos HERE
Gemini Syndrome’s Fall Conversion Tour has been nothing short of amazing and they have certainly been gaining new fans (a.k.a. Synners) left and right. After having seen them multiple times, their show at the Starland Ballroom astounded me with its energy and clean sound. Safe to say, they blew Sayreville off the map.
To start off their set, drummer, Brian Steele Medina, made his way to his drum kit and crouched atop his stool, placing his head on top of his fingertips in a prayer-like position. Their booming introductory song, “Lux,” filled our ears, and the rest of the members, guitarist Mike Salerno, bassist Alessandro “AP” Paveri, and frontman Aaron Nordstrom emerged from the shadows. Without a moment wasted, heavy hitter, “Resurrection” was the first to be played, immediately following “Falling Apart,” and “Basement.”
The band’s energy washed over, instilling a passionate vibe within the Synners as they continued their set with “Left of Me.” Aaron left the stage to Mike, AP, and Brian to do their killer performance of “El Diablo.” Watching AP work his magic with his new white bass, Mike unleashing his beautiful guitar riffs, and Brian banging the drums fluidly was absolutely mesmerizing. Based on their setlist, it was saddening to know that it was coming to a close. Aaron returned to the stage so they can finish their set with current single, “Mourning Star,” ending on an explosive note with “Stardust” and “Pleasure and Pain.”
Overall, Gemini Syndrome, as always, did an incredible job and this was one of their best performances yet. Be sure to check out future tour dates, this is a band you will not want to miss out on!

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