Mastodon at The State Theater – ME

Review by Ashley Goyette
Show photos HERE
Kvelertak, a six piece Heavy metal band From Norway was the first to take the stage. There lead singer Erlend Hjelvik came out attired with a wing spread eagle upon his head. Something that defiantly made him stand out. There punk rock style music kept those in attendance on their feet the whole set and well entertained.
Gojira, a heavy metal band from France was the next band to grace the stage. There musical talent and stage presence is what one would expect of a headliner. The theater seemed to instantly fill up and by their 2nd song mosh pits and crowd surfing had already begun. As there set continued the many small mosh pits grew in to one large one.
After the final intermission the headliner Mastodon took the stage one by one under dark blue lights with thunderous applause from crown in the dark, sweaty pit. Lead Guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds drew the loudest cheers as he drew attention to his custom t-shirt which sported the saying “Welcome to Maine”. There music was intense and extremely entertaining and was easily complemented with their use of the stage lights. The band’s show was all about the music, and it was far from disappointing; their hour or so performance of powerful heavy metal had many a head thrashing and “devil horns” raised high.They kept the crowd on their feet the entire set and even before they finished their first song several crowd members where surfing the crowd up to the stage. Mastodon is one band not to be missed if you missed this go catch them the next time you will not be disappointed!

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