Godsmack at The DCU Center – MA

Godsmack and Papa Roach Photos and Review by Jeff Palmucci
Hellyeah Photos and interview by Greg Walkowiak
Godsmack photos HERE
Hellyeah Photos HERE
Papa Roach Photos HERE

“Turn that shit up louder!” — Godsmack, 1000HP

That signature line from the title track of Godsmack’s new album pretty much sums up what everyone was thinking at this Friday night show at the DCU Center in Worchester.
Godsmack headlined the hometown show topping off a pretty killer lineup. First up was Hellyeah. I was pretty amazed that these guys were the openers. They’re a pretty popular band to be first up in a three band lineup. Crazy G had an opportunity to interview the band. You can find that HERE.
Unfortunately, they are only along for part of the tour, so if you haven’t seen this show yet, you’ll have to check them out as they continue on their own tour. Next up was Papa Roach. I love these guys both because of their large collection of great tunes and of lead singer Jacoby Shaddix’s showmanship. He’s always jumping around the stage, and every time I’ve seen him he gets out in the crowd and walks around for a song or two.[1]
Finally Godsmack hit the stage, opening with Generation Day and then 1000HP. You know, sometimes you just want to crank it up and blow off some steam. When you do, these guys are here for you. Their songs are heavy and loud with an intense rhythm section. Lead singer Sully Erna has a great voice that pumps you up without degenerating into unmelodic shouting. His lyrics come out slightly stylized in a way that, for some reason, reminds me of Metallica’s James Hetfield. All in all it was a great night of music. Go and see them next time you feel like turning that shit up louder.

Godsmack photos

 Hellyeah Photos

Papa Roach Photos

[1] Last time I saw him was Rocklahoma ’13. We also got a chance to interview him, and all he could talk about was the upcoming birth of his son. Freakin’ adorable coming from a guy with tattoos on his face.

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