Godsmack at the Mohegan Sun Arena

Photos and Review by Colleen Goyer
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Godsmack rocked the Mohegan Sun Arena to a sold out crowd. The band originally from Massachusetts formed in the ‘90’s has not lost their edge over the years. Front man and lead vocalist, Sully Erna has not changed his distinctive sound at all. He demonstrated his ability to play multiple instruments including rhythm guitar, piano, and drums over the course of the evening. In particular, a drum duet (almost a competition) with Shannon Larkin, the band’s full time drummer, was unbelievable. The two kept up with each other each showing tremendous skill.
The evening was filled with a combination of Godsmack classics (Voodoo, I Stand Alone) and songs off their release from last year, When Legends Rise (Bulletproof, Under Your Scars). Lead Guitarist Tony Rombola performed some great solos using the most minimal pedal board I have seen all year, only a Wah pedal. The simplicity did not diminish the sound though. Robbie Merrill and his left handed bass playing filled the bottom of the bands sound and had his own share of solo work. The band works so well together and shows no signs of becoming less energized by their music and performing even though they have been doing it for quite a while. The show was everything you would expect from this genre including lots of  pyro and smoke. Not so much that the visuals overtook the music, it just simply enhanced the experience.

The tour continues so check it out!

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