Joe Bonamassa at the Maine Savings Pavilion

Photos and Review by Colleen Goyer
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Have you ever thought something was too good to be true? That is how I felt about Joe Bonamassa before his show at Maine Savings Pavilion. I have been a fan for years. I’ve listened to his music, watched him on YouTube. As good as the recordings sounded, nothing compared to seeing him live.

Expecting to experience some incredible guitar playing, I admit I was a little afraid that it would not live up to expectations. So not the case, in fact just the opposite. His performance exceeded all my expectations. Even on one of the hottest evenings of the summer, he and his band, containing some incredible musicians in their own right, put on a fabulous show. There were long solos and an incredible solo encore song on acoustic guitar after the long performance.

His combination of blues and bluesy rock appeals to a wide audience. Songs like Sloe Gin, Tiger in Your Tank, This Train, and The Ballard of John Henry had fans rushing up the side isles, cell phones out to video their favorites being played live. A side benefit to a Bonamassa show is the parade of incredible vintage guitars. I am not sure that he used the same one for more than one song and that hardly dipped into his collection. A rare opportunity to hear some of the classic instruments.

My advice would be even if you even slightly like his music or blues, go see him live. You will not be disappointed and I suspect will leave an even bigger fan!

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