Guster at The State Theatre – ME

Review and Photos by:Ashley Goyette
Show Photos HERE 
Guster , An American Alternative Rock and out of Boston, MA came home to the New England Area when they performed to a Sold Out crowd at the State Theatre in Portland, ME as part of their tour promoting their latest Album Evermotion .
They Came out on Stage to a very loud applause from the hometown area crowd. After their first song they took a pause to address the crowd during which members Ryan Miller and Adam Gardner discussed whose hometown had a better crowd. Miller’s Current hometown of Burlington, Vermont, or Gardner’s current hometown of Portland, Maine. Both Agreed that Portland was the winner, which drew a loud applause.
Their set was a mix of new songs off the new album, such as the opening song “Long Night,” “Simple Machine,” and “Never Coming Down”, intertwined with their classic hits such as “Happier,” “One Man Wrecking Machine,” and “”Barrel of a Gun”. The sold out crowd was very active, Cheering loudly between songs and singing along during them. The crowd was even involved in choosing one of the songs in which they chose “Center of Attention” by applause.
At the end of the night, this was a great show that kept the crowd satisfied and well entertained.

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