New Found Glory at the House of Blues – Boston, MA

Photos and Review by Jeff Palmucci
Galleries: New Found Glory, Real Friends, The Early November

New Found Glory and friends stopped by the House of Blues last week on their countrywide US tour.

Accompanying NFG were a set of great punk rock acts. Doll Skin was first out. The all-female band is dropping a new album on the 28th, Love is Dead And We Killed Her. They posted  a pre-release single, “Mark My Words”, on their website. Give it a listen. They’ve won a bunch of award and they sound like they deserve them.

The Early November and Real Friends were up next. Both put on high energy sets, driving a couple of the fans to start up the crowd surfing. Check out their photos in the galleries below.

New Found Glory headlined the night. As I’ve mentioned before, when I shoot a band, I usually play a ton of their music in the car. One day while playing “Let It Go” my son was listening for a bit, and turns to me and says “Oh My God, this is what Frozen would sound like if Kiss played it.” Don’t quite agree with him on the blend, but he’s right that the cover diverged significantly from the original. It’s more like what Frozen would sound like if New Found Glory sang it.

True to his Disney Princess inner self, lead Jordan Pundik even came out to show off his beautiful dress during the song. It fact, he had a bunch of wardrobe changes during the set, including PT Barnum, Marty McFly, and Rocky. There were almost as many wardrobe changes as you’d expect in a Beyonce show. (Sorry Jordan, she still fills out the dress better than you.)

The set in general had a really fun vibe, with a small mosh pit breaking out in the middle of the floor and a bunch of crowd surfers coming over the top. This all driven on by the upbeat punk music and Pundik’s antics on stage.  There were several kids in the audience singing along with their parents, including this little guy. Rock on dude! Hmm.. maybe the Disney angle is paying off?

All four bands put on great sets, and the enthusiastic crowd gave the night a party atmosphere. Check them out. There’s a good chance they are coming to your town.

New Found Glory

Real Friends

The Early November

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