Prospect Hill At Wally’s Pub – NH


Prospect Hill At Wally’s Pub

 Review and Photos by: Greg Walkowiak
Derek Rousseau (lead guitar)
Adam Fithian (vocals)
Mark Roberge (drums)
Edgar Troncoso (bass)
John Roberge (rhythm guitar)

Wow what a night first off we had a NECR exclusive interview with Adam! Then as one can only expect great things from a hometown band playing in front of a hometown crowd. The band Prospect Hill took its name from a local neighborhood in Massachusetts and is the epitome of a blue collar work ethic and is not shy to giving it all they got. The band opened it up and floored it like a supercharged muscle car giving the fans everything they could handle. They are a band that believes in taking the wheel and getting to their destination with a driving force.
From the very start lead vocalist Adam Fithian charmed the crowd with his explosive lyrics and energetic stage presence. He took hold of the crowd and squeezed them into submission. He takes charge and delivers a powerful performance as not to disappoint.
The brothers Roberge, Mark and John team up with the rest of the band to obliterate the stage. Mark (drums) and John (rhythm guitar) play with fiery intensity and almost near perfect synchronicity. Their style compliments each other’s talents and melodic ferocity.
Edgar Troncoso (bass) was in turbo mode. His high speed energy took over and left tire marks on the stage. Going through each song he activated the nitro and rocketed through their set with a blistering execution. Along with all the members, Edgar corralled the stage like it was his own.
Lastly, lead guitarist Derek Rousseau completes this engine that keeps pushing ahead. He fits effortlessly in with the others like an engine fits into its chassis. Like a well-oiled machine they mesh to make a roaring impact with their razor sharp sound. If you ever get the opportunity to go see them, most certainly do it, they are definitely worth the fuel to get there.



Dirty Mother

A Patriots Anthem


Into The Light

Secret Me






Life Goes On


Come Alive

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