Sevendust At The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom – NH

Sevendust At The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom 

Review by: Micah Gummel
Photos by: Micah Gummel
Venue: Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
This was a tough week for Boston as a photographer for the event with 4 bands ( Stolen Babies, Lacuna Coil, Coal Chamber and Sevendust ) to play I got to spend allot of time in the front at the photo pit with much interaction with the folks. With the sited bands set to play you would think that the place would be amped. The crowd at this sold out show was quite somber. As time went on things picked up some but far from “normal” for such an event. It was not until Coal Chamber was getting set to rock the stage. There was a bustle in the front row folks started to share their phones with the news flash on it that the 2nd bombing suspect was caught. Then the announcement came on a video screen that the 2nd bomber was caught. This set the audience off to chanting USA, USA, USA! Now things were heating up and we were back. On this night Coal Chamber co-headlined with Sevendust. The band is touring after its 2011 announcement that the group reunited after a breakup in 2003. Dez Fafara (vocals), Miguel Rascon (guitar), Chela Rhea Harper (bass), and Mike Cox (drums) played a full set from the band’s three releases, Coal Chamber, Chamber Music and Dark Days. They truly ripped up the stage as only they can do. Paving the way for Sevendust.
Sevendust is a native band from Atlanta, Georgia that formed in 1994 Sevendust is Lajon Witherspoon (lead vocals), Clint Lowery (lead guitar, backing vocals), John Connolly (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Vince Hornsby (bass), and Morgan Rose (drums, percussion, backing vocals).
After our recent interview with Morgan and hearing and reviewing Sevendusts most recent release of their ninth studio album “Black Out the Sun”. I have seen that this band that not only is unstoppable in the metal world, but the band members are men with an appreciation for their fans, and that was made evident numerous times during the night. Often pausing to thank everyone and their gratitude clearly was genuine. With all the pent up energy built up in the room from the previous performances and recent horrible events the room exploded and the crowd surfing began as the band tore into some of their new songs. The crowd shoved and pressed forward, hands in the air, screaming and going crazy for them.  The energy in the room continued to grow from then on, and I could tell it affected the band and they gave more and more back to us.  ”Decay” led to “Praise,” where everyone screamed the chorus along with the entire band (which most of them sing too).  Immediately after, “Denial” brought even more out of the crowd, and I bet many people went home with sore throats from screaming the choruses of Sevendust. This was truly what was needed after the crazy week we had.
If you’re into heavy rock or metal, and haven’t been to a Sevendust show or picked up one of their CD’s, I would strongly encourage you to do so immediately! They are one of the hardest working and hardest rocking bands today. Every show of theirs I’ve been to have been very memorable, and this show was just one more great Sevendust show!

Set List




Till Death


Got a Feeling


Strong Arm Broken

Rumble Fish






Face to Face

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