The Runaway Saints at The Met – RI

Photos by: Greg Walkowiak
Review by: Cheryl Trudeau
Show Photos HERE
Meet the BAND:
Johnny Gates
Jaime Jarbeau
Matt Scanlon
Josh Cournoyer

Every now and then, we encounter people that you just know are destined for success. They just seem to have it all-incredible talent, stage presence, and persona. If you happened to be at The Met in Pawtucket, Rhode Island for the “Runaway Saints” show, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not check out our recent interview with them HERE.
Johnny Gates, Jaime Jarbeau, Matt Scanlon, and Josh Cournoyer take the stage and you immediately feel like you’re in the company of old friends who came to play exclusively for you. Their vivacity fills the room and you’re enticed. But that’s only the beginning. Now they begin to play- and these guys can play.
Their genre is deemed alternative, but the deliverance has a country-Americana element complete with banjos and foot-stomping harmony. I’ve had the pleasure of attending many shows, but no one has captivated me quite like these guys. Their music filled my head the next day and I found myself promptly downloading “The Hard Way” and listened to it 8-yes 8-times. Country music fans rejoice-you will love this song! Actually, you will love everything this band offers.
Their lyrics and harmony are uncomplicated and pleasingly contagious.” California’s Girl”, “We Got Love”, “Day I Die”; to name a few, were performed in absolute perfection. The band substantiates their talents with diversity in song origination and their live sound is as exceptional as recorded versions. Fans of alternative, folk, and the ever popular “nouveau country” really must give “Runaway Saints” a listen-you’ll be very glad you did; I know I certainly was.


It’s All Good
Day I Die
Cali Girl
We Got Love
Don’t Mind If I Do
Bad Night
Headed Home
You’re Still Out There

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