The Goo Goo Dolls at The Blue Hills Bank Pavilion – MA

Photos and review by: Jeff Palmucci
Show photos: HERE
The Goo Goo Dolls topped off a night of rock at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion last Friday, sharing the stage with the Plain White T’s and Daughtry. This lineup is definitely one of the more date friendly ones, with lots of relationship themed music, and lots of couples dancing together in the aisles. I actually got a little verklempt during the Plain White T’s Rhythm of Love, missing my wife who was away on a trip. I felt like a total sap.
The T’s were actually a big part of the reason I went to the show on Friday. Although they hadn’t quite packed the venue for their early set time (6:45) they put up a pretty good showing. You may know the T’s through their breakout hit Delilah, about a lovesick guy singing to his girl that travelled 1000 miles away to school. I once had a “Delilah” and I wondered if people would look at the song differently before and after having a long distance relationship. So, I asked my wife what she thought the song was about. She replied, of course, “a love song.” To me it sounded like a poor sap trying to convince himself of a future that isn’t meant to be. It’s funny how your past colors your point of view.
Next up was Daughtry, and like the last time I shot his show, he appealed (lets say) more directly to the ladies. Daughtry came to fame as a finalist in the 2006 season of American Idol, and puts on a pretty good show. Of the three bands, I’ve got to say as a photographer, I’m most happy with his set. I haven’t got them together yet, but watch this space.
The Goo Goos came up next as the headliners. With a history approaching 20 years, the Goo Goos have a different set of fans than Daughtry and there was a bit of turnover in the crowd. They put up a rock solid set that really had the crowd going. At one point, a random girl in front of me started dirty dancing with one of the (female) ushers. I sincerely apologize to everyone reading this, because it was too dark to get any good shots.
Rzeznik is recently remarried, and as he explained during the intro, Come to Me is about his new wife. It’s a beautiful song. You should realize that’s coming from a guy whose staple is more along the head-bangy fist-pumpy lines. You know a song’s got to be something for me to call it beautiful.
Name was introduced as a genesis story of the band. Rzeznik recalled how he was working a shit job in a supermarket and heard the song come over the intercom. He worried to himself that everyone who knew and loved the band wouldn’t think they were cool anymore. “Fuck em” he concluded.
Some time during Better Days I looked around and saw almost every couple around me kissing and slow dancing. Did I tell you how this was a good date show? Did I tell you how I was missing my wife? I think I’m done writing now. She’s back from her trip.

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