TESLA at The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom – NH

Photos and Review by: Greg Walkowiak
Show photos HERE 
Since 1985 Tesla has been fully charged with power that does not run out. Coming to one of their favorite places to play, Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in NH; and just before the band were to take the stage, Jeff Keith walked across with the house lights down and gave a bow to the crowd. Going to the opposite side of the stage (stage right) he went to the side sound board area and started saying hello to the fans and began shaking some of their hands. He and the bands appreciation towards the fans are more than personal and it shows in many ways.
They started the night with MP3, a track off their new cd “Simplicity” which electrified the crowd into a roar of acceptance instantaneously. The band members took their rightful places and functioned like a well-oiled machine running on all cylinders. There was no need for any backup generators because the band generated their own power from the electricity they gave off once they started playing.
A mix of old and new songs filled the set. Keith danced around the stage throughout the night with Tyler/Jagger like moves while hitting the high velocity notes he is famous for. Frank Hannon and Dave Rude seemed to have settled into their groove almost immediately with “Edison’s Medicine” and it took off from there. They amazed the crowd and rifled through the set list with familiar attitude. In particular, I was watching for “Modern Day Cowboy” which did not disappoint by any length.
Brian Wheat took his place right in front of Troy Luccketta’s drum kit which gave you the impression they were feeding off one another in unison and it was highly evident with “Heaven’s Trail”. The band played for roughly two hours and gave it all they had concluding the set with a staggering version of “Little Suzi”.
Tesla gives you a show to remember, they draw the crowd in with likeable songs, passionate and well written lyrics, and their effective style of playing. One can see the high intensity with their method of playing on every level. Tesla live is more than a show, it’s like getting together with friends to hang out and listen to some cool rockin’ tunes. Get to a Tesla show SOON……….



Jeff Keith – lead vocals (1984–1996, 2000–present)
Frank Hannon – lead & rhythm guitars, piano, organ, Hammond organ, backing vocals (1984–1996, 2000–present)
Dave Rude – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals (2006–present)
Brian Wheat – bass, piano, backing vocals (1984–1996, 2000–present)
Troy Luccketta – drums, percussion (1984–1996, 2000–present)


Edison’s Medicine
I Wanna Live
Hang Tough
So Divine*
Heaven’s Trail
Mama’s Fool
Life Is A River*
The Way It Is
Burnout To Fade*
What You Give
Love Song
Getting’ Better
Modern Day Cowboy
Lil’ Suzi
(* denotes songs from the new cd “Simplicty”)

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